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spring awakening

Detoxify - VERB = Remove toxic substances from..........................

Spring is the perfect time to slough off Winter - but what can you bring into Spring?

During this workshop I will be taking inspiration from a book by Donna Farah "Bringing yoga to life" and working with elements from the "Eight limbs of Yoga" Patanjali

Detox is very common is the New Year, but is not just about taking a magic drink to cleanse the body, we also hold on to old thoughts and ideas that no longer serve us. We often hold our breath without realising it.  Give gratitude for the old and be ready to embrace new ways of thinking.

During this workshop we will consider, discuss and practice the following,

Thoughts -Take time to consider the past, then let it go. Mindful meditation
Breath - re-connect to a basic breath once more.  Practice a cleansing breath to balance the nervous system
Hydration - what are you drinking?
Food - gratitude for the food available to us, but how does it really serve the body
Movement - Moving through the joints to bring a new sense of renewal. Eliminate energy blockages
Sleep - Taking time to rest between asana and explore the difficulties of relaxing in today's busy world

This workshop will be suitable for all levels of ability as the aim is to bring awareness throughout

Date and venue to be confirmed

Pamela Johnson 07734006911 email

More workshops coming soon

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