Yoga Classes in Lancaster - Tuesday, Wednesday evenings

Yoga is for everyone!
If you can breathe you can do yoga 
Happy Springtime

Yoga is for anyone who wants to promote harmony and well being in their life.
Benefits include, increased flexibility, stamina and strength as well as relief from stress.
Yoga cannot take the stress out of your life but it can help you deal with it more effectively.
The practice of yoga is not just about turning up at a class to carry out physical posture work.  It is more than that.  It is a journey of self discovery allowing the student to connect to the breath, notice the busy mind and release tension from the whole being - it is complete.
Whatever your reasons for wanting to start yoga you will soon find it impacts many parts of your life.  When you have been practising for a while you will notice you develop a more positive outlook on life, as well as a change in attitude to how you think about yourself and others. You may notice a change in diet naturally occurs as your awareness grows about how you treat your physical body.
Hatha yoga brings postures and breathing as well as meditation and advice on diet and lifestyle.
I offer a mixture of flowing sequences and static holds.  I like to add in a little Yin now and then.

Please see the class information page of all class options

Practice transforms us. We need to eat less, because we assimilate more and therefore there is a loss of unnecessary weight. 
We become more beautiful, our faces change and our walk gains elasticity,  Our way of standing is steady and poised, our legs are firmer, and our 
toes and feet spread out, giving us more stability. Our chest expands, the muscles of the abdomen start to work, the head is lighter on the neck like the
corolla of a flower on its stem moving flexibly while the wind blows.  To watch these enchanting changes is amazing.
A different life begins and the body expresses a happiness never felt before.  These are not just words; it actually happens.
Extract from book 'Awakening the spine' Vanda Scaravelli
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Come along, take time out for yourself - you deserve it!

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