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Pamela Johnson is a registered British Wheel of Yoga Teacher.
I started practising Yoga in 1999 (eek 20 years ago) after feeling the pressure of stress in the workplace.  It started with a simple relaxation class moved on to Ashtanga yoga which I did for some years, and I now practice Hatha yoga which I teach. 

There are many different styles and classes types, find a style that you warm to and stick with it.  It is all 'yoga'.

I started teaching training in February 2009.  Three years & 500 hours of study later I completed my BWY Teaching Diploma, qualification in November 2011.  I use any profit earned from teaching classes to attend workshops and retreats to increase and develop my learning.

Blog spot...... from June 2019 onwards, I intend to inform here, what teacher training workshops I have attended this year so far and how this has affected my teaching, along with what my current aims are for my regular classes along with any creative idea's I am planning in my head for workshops and retreats.

So far in 2019, I have attended three teacher training full days.
Yoga for digestive health in Manchester at the yoga campus site.  This brought forward some interesting information about how the physical body moves in yoga postures. Looking at how the digestive system in not symmetrical and how this can affect sensations in the gut when moving in and out of postures. Thinking about the core of the body, I have taught in the past how engaging mula bandha (root lock) locks in energy and brings the posture to life, however since this workshop I have backed off from teaching this way, as I consider if you/we grip too hard and too much this can cause un-necessary tightness in the groin/hip/gut, which can restrict the motility of the large intestine.  Thus, affecting the ability to let go.

Dru yoga for the hips and spine, allowed me to play around with ideas of unlocking the facia of the body and again explore backing off.  Playing with softer movements can actually let you in a little more.

Yoga for strength with Lesley Dike, was a fun day. We discussed, how we can explore working with strength during our yoga practice to assist the ageing body, but also try out some postures with a resistance band to explore which muscles are engaging and how a simple band can raise the awareness of how good or bad our alignment really is.

2nd June 2019. As I move through my learning journey as a teacher of 
others I find that I still get immense inspiration from ancient texts, which in turn fuels my practice.  I feel very much drawn to functional movement in asana at present as I consider that ageing process and how the use it or lose it really applies more and more.  

If we consider how we move through our daily lives, its really important to be able to function, i.e obtain items from a low cupboard, so we need to squat (hips/knees/feet) 

Malasana garland pose helps us achieve this

Consider going for a walk in the Lake district, walking up hills, climbing stiles etc, needs the ability to lift the leg, almost in a lunge perhaps or walking on an uneven surface. We need to be able to flex and extend through hip and balance well.
Kneeling hip flexor stretch

Standing balance

Lets reach into a high cupboard at home. What do you need? reach the arm up high (shoulder mobility)
A large box is there (strength), the item is in the corner, (Twist), its that little bit too far out of reach, so we need to raise the heels (foot flexibility)
Calf stretch and wall press
Twisty lunge

Calf raises (foot flexibility)

So classes with me for June and July 2019, will involve, functional ways to move our bodies. Keeping the joints young. Building strength and flexibility to counteract all the sitting that our modern day occupations involve. Using resistance bands to highlight the engagement of muscles and identify imbalances.

All of the above packed with the need to re-charge. Time to rest and restore as we are pulled in all directions.

I'm not here to tell you its easy. Moving stiff body parts is hard work, letting go of demanding jobs and families is hard work. Sitting back and relaxing is hard work. I personally find all of the above very challenging, so its called a 'practice'.

So practice with me if you like what I have to say.
Classes with me are not fast paced.

Teacher training I am booked onto is in October - mindful strength

All pictures from google images. Apart from the feet!

I have now completed a new course with CHEK Europe to become a Level 1 Holistic Lifestyle Coach.  I intend then to run courses and 121 sessions based around this.  This course will enhance what I already know about lifestyle and give it structure.  A Holistic lifestyle coach looks at the whole body and mind.  Its not personal training - its lifestyle changing....... its a long term commitment to make permanent changes in your life...... ask me about it

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